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There is a considerable amount of support available for people affected by cancer, from practical and emotional support to financial grants and self-help courses.

Please ask a member of the LJMC team for information about any services that are available to help you.

Support groups

People who have cancer often say that, during their illness, they experience a wide range of emotions. Many find it to be an anxious and confusing time. There are many people who understand and who can help you – you don’t need to struggle alone.

Support groups offer a safe environment for you to talk about your concerns, share feelings and gain support. They provide an opportunity to talk to people who really know what you’re going through – because they’ve been there too. No-one will pressure you to talk if you don’t want to. Whether you choose to share or not, meeting people who’ve been through a similar experience can help make you feel less isolated and alone.

Each group is different. Some meet in informal settings and others meet in larger venues. They may offer a range of services, such as meetings, telephone helplines, drop-in centres, home visiting, information and practical help. Some groups can also help those who care about you: your family and friends.

For details of local support groups:

Online community

Macmillan Cancer Support online community

Provides a place to meet other people going through a similar experience, ask questions and share your own thoughts.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Provides information on all aspects of cancer and its treatments including medical, practical and financial issues. Also runs an online community.

Cancer Research UK Cancer Research UK

Funds research into cancer. Provides information on cancer and its treatments.

Cancer Black Care Cancer Black Care

Aims to address the cultural and emotional needs of people affected by cancer.

HealthTalk HealthTalk

Includes videos in which patients share their experiences of cancer.

Lab Tests Online Lab Tests Online UK

A site to help you understand the clinical laboratory tests that are used in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer.


Comprehensive health information service to help put you in control of your healthcare.

Patient.info Patient.info

Provides evidence-based information on a wide range of medical and health topics to patients and health professionals.