The resources on this page have been compiled by the Lymphoedema nursing team at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

Lymphoedema United

Information and guidance from a panel of medical experts, along with a secure place where people living with lymphoedema can unite directly with others, product providers and organisations.

Lymphoedema United
Your lymphoedema nurse will guide you on the appropriateness of the exercises listed here.

Breast axilla postoperative support: BAPS app Wales

This app was designed by physiotherapists, breast surgeons and breast cancer patients. Includes videos, self-checks and reminders. Available for Android and Apple devices.

BAPS app Wales (iOS)
BAPS app Wales (Google Play)
Exercise, positioning and lymphoedema (Cancer Research UK) Exercise, positioning and lymphoedema
Tripudio movement: designed to improve lymphatic flow and reduce scar tissues. Exercises can be done standing up or seated

Julia Williams, founder of Tripudio Movement Systems, runs online classes via Zoom. Contact Julia by email to find out more.

Tripudio movement
Lymphoedema Support Network: Yoga exercises Lymphoedema Support Network: Yoga exercises
Yoga and movement

Improve lymphatic flow through breath, movement and meditation.

Yoga and movement
Why is Nordic Walking an effective exercise for breast cancer? Why is Nordic Walking an effective exercise for breast cancer?
Velindre Mindfulness app

Created by Velindre Cancer Centre and intended for all patients who may benefit from exercises to improve mental health and wellbeing before, during and after treatment. Helps you manage low mood, decrease anxiety and improve overall wellbeing.

Velindre Mindfulness app (iOS)
Velindre Mindfulness app (Google Play)

See the resources and links on our Diet page.

If you are having difficulty managing certain tasks at home then you may benefit from some equipment to help.