What next?

We regularly run workshops and courses to help people move on when their treatment has finished. There are courses for patients and also for those close to them (carers).

This is a course that helps people who have had cancer to move on with life after treatment. It runs for six weeks, 2½ hours a week, at the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre.

The course aims to enable people to cope emotionally, psychologically and practically by focusing on building on their existing strengths.

The size of each group varies and can be up to about 12 people. The time is spent in facilitated discussion, with some group activities and ideas to try between sessions.

The course is run by facilitators who have been trained by Macmillan Cancer Support. They may be health care professionals and/or people who have had cancer or caring experience.

Topics covered include:

  • managing fatigue and stress
  • communication
  • body changes
  • fear of recurrence
  • getting active
  • developing personal strengths.

Many people who have attended the course have reported positive outcomes such as:

  • knowing how to achieve long and short term
  • plans for change by setting goals for themselves and using problem solving steps being able to address difficult problems
  • learning to use relaxation techniques to refresh mind and body

Comments from participants

“I feel reassured and able to recognise my own potential for enhancing the quality of life”

“This course has really helped me focus on the future”

“I feel more confident in dealing with emotional issues”.

Moving forward after cancer treatment

This 3-hour workshop is suitable for cancer patients who have finished, or are just about to finish treatment. It focuses on practical and emotional skills self-management techniques and coping strategies to help you move forward and ‘take control’ of life after treatment has finished:

  • What is self-management?
  • Sleeping, eating well and physical activity
  • Managing stress and fatigue
  • Facing the future with hope
  • Moving forward
  • Benefits of goal-setting

The course takes place at the LJMC and runs every few months. There are between 6-10 people on each course. Patients who attend Take Control are also welcome to join the 6-week HOPE course.

A workshop for people for care for someone with cancer

Do you care for someone who has finished cancer treatment? This half-day workshop will provide a safe and supportive place for you to reflect and learn practical and emotional skills to help in your caring role:

  • stress management
  • fatigue management
  • relaxation

This workshop is suitable for people who are caring for someone who has finished cancer treatment as they move on together.

There is no charge for these courses.

For details of future courses or to find out more, please contact the LJMC Helpline (020 3826 2555).

Download more information and a registration form:
HHC264 Courses for patients and carers following cancer treatment
HHC264 Courses for patients and carers following cancer treatment

“A better, stronger me”

a participant

Support groups

Support groups are usually self-help groups for people affected by cancer to share feelings and gain mutual support.