Radiotherapy for breast cancer at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

If you will be receiving radiotherapy for breast cancer you will usually be invited to Mount Vernon Cancer Centre for a short presentation about your forthcoming treatment.

During this session, you will be told what to expect both during and after your treatment and we will show you round the radiotherapy department. If a radiotherapy machine (linear accelerator) is available, we will also show this to you. We strongly encourage you to attend this session and, if you want, to bring a friend with you.

We understand that this can seem like a lot of new information to take in so we have made this video which covers the main points of the session. Please watch it to remind yourself of what we covered. You may also wish to show it to your friends and family so that they are more aware of what is happening.

If you would like to discuss anything that you have seen in any of this video, please contact the LJMC Helpline on 020 3826 2555.