Guided relaxation sessions by telephone

At the moment, all our face-to-face services have had to be suspended, including our relaxation classes from which so many people benefit every week.

However, we are offering a guided relaxation service via telephone with breathing, visualisation, concentration techniques and body-focused relaxation techniques.

These techniques focus on helping you find ways to cope a bit more with the stresses you are facing, with the key emphasis​ on self help support.

The therapist will be led by each your individual needs.

You may particularly benefit if you: ​

  • are ​newly diagnosed and/or awaiting treatment​​
  • ​need support to cope with challenging treatments
  • ​need support to help you complete treatment
  • ​need support once your treatment has been completed

Please call the Helpline (020 3826 2555) for more details and to make an appointment.

Resources to help you relax
Exercise and movement resources